Ramon, Android guru

Please tell us your story. Who is Ramon and what does he enjoy doing aside from his daily job?

Originally I come from Barcelona and I have two kids. In my free time I’m something people call “geeky”. I do a lot of hobby projects and I’m active in Android and developer community in Helsinki for around 3 years now. I also help organize different technical events and meetups like Google Launchpad. It’s an accelerator aimed at tech startups that will help them grow into successful companies.


I also enjoy mountain biking although in this part of Finland we can’t really call it “mountain” but rather something like “hill bike riding”.

What do you do at Sports Tracker and how does your day usually look like?
Currently I’m working on maintaining and fixing our Android application. We mostly work with 1 or 2 features at a time. Each week we plan activities for that week and have lots of interesting planning discussions. My favorite ones are the ones we have with users.

My other task is keeping an eye on Google Play reviews. As much as we enjoy reading that Sports Tracker changed someone’s life, we also like to hear feedback about what can be improved. In that sense, I can say that user feedback and comments contributed a lot to improvements and development inside the application.

What is something that really motivates you to get up every morning and do your job?
I see my job as really rewarding because every single day I learn something new. We have a lot of freedom and new ideas. I’m in touch with real people, our users, and I can clearly see how our application is changing their lives. In this job you can reach millions of people with your code and that is something not so many jobs can offer.

What kind of technologies are you working with?
Aside from standard ones, we have recently started working to support Android wear devices. There are also Firebase Analytics and ReactiveX/RxJava.
Since Google technologies are constantly evolving in terms of features, we are trying to keep up. We like to explore new technologies and even if some of them we don’t adopt fully, we try everything and see what suits us the best.

What is your favorite thing about your job and working here?
My two favorite things about working here are challenges and people. Challenges are there on a daily basis which means we are all the time learning new things, evolving and improving. When it comes to people, they make a really good team.

They are all tech savvy and know what they are doing. Even when one of the team members doesn’t know something, there is always someone else to help out. In that sense, we are filling each other’s knowledge gaps really well and work as a compact team.

If you were to recommend working here to your friend, what would you say?
I can put it in a simple sentence: “Come help us to build things that help people improve their lives!”

How has your job changed since you started working here?
I’ve worked here since 2012 and back then we were quite small. My job as an Android Developer hasn’t changed drastically, but in general we’ve grown a lot. We now have more resources available and more visibility. However, we’ve still managed to keep the same working culture and work as a team.

We would like to encourage people to fail and try better next time and also to prove we’re all humans who make mistakes and learn from them. Therefore, what would you say has been your biggest mistake?
There are many mistakes we made in the past 4 years. Sometimes we don’t test enough and release the version, for example. The lucky thing with Android is that once we push the version it’s not pushed for everyone so we have some control over risks we are taking. We are all the time taking lots of risks but they always pay off.