Emiliano, passionate iOS developer

Originally from Rome, Emiliano moved to Finland in 2000 to finish a Master’s thesis in mathematics. Encouraged by his mentor, he decided to stay and pursue a PhD in the same subject. After earning his doctoral degree in 2006, Emiliano decided that a career change was in order. “It’s not easy to find a job for someone with my background, but I realized that programming would be a natural next step for someone with my education,” he says.


Now working at Amer Sports Digital with the Sports Tracker app Emiliano is loving the daily challenges of creating a sports app that helps fitness fans and sports enthusiasts get in tip top shape. Much of what Emiliano and the rest of the iOS team do is developing, maintaining, and testing the iOS app. For Emiliano, these tasks are interesting and motivating, not least because excellent teamwork makes everything run so smoothly.

“Whatever challenge we face on a daily basis, I can always discuss it with my colleagues and we can come up with a common solution,” he enthuses.

An app that’s the perfect fit

The comradery on the iOS team isn’t the only motivating factor, of course – Emiliano and the rest of the team truly believe in what they’re creating. “We’re developing a sports product and it’s something that encourages people to live their lives in a better way. I’m very proud of what we’re building here,” he says.


As an avid user of Sports Tracker, Emiliano’s pride in his work doesn’t end with development.

“For me personally, working to develop a sports application means I would be an end user of the application. It’s fun to understand what we’re developing from that perspective as well,” he says.

Being a user helps Emiliano incorporate the features that are most beneficial, such as bigger and better social sharing.

“Because of its social aspect, I am more motivated to use the app. Once you share your workout, you want it to look good compared to your friends’ results,” Emiliano says. “One thing is for sure, working here has made me more fit!”