Running together; its not all about work

The 2018 Yritysmaraton (company marathon) event is quite a different one from most running events for many reasons. So what type of event is it, and how is it ran? (Pun intended) you may ask! The idea is that as a company you form a team and run individual legs of 2km loops for a total of 38km (19 loops of the mathematicians out there), you chose the order or how many each person does, as long as the distance gets covered. So as you’ve gathered it’s like a relay event, but over 38km!

Amer Sports were well represented at the event with three teams from Suunto (CDDS) and one from Amer Sports HQ. There were total of approximately 30 people taking part ranging over many abilities, from the performance driven maniacs to the Sunday joggers.

A grand total of 391 teams were enlisted into the event, so the atmosphere was ramped up, this was also helped by the early summer sun shining down across the Töölönlahti bay which made it feel like summer was already here, yes that happens in Finland also. The colorful running tops of the runners and loud music being played kept everyone’s spirits high with excitement, and at 13:00 the gun blew with all the first leg runners going out on their way, now it was just the hard work of running the 38km that needed to be done.

After a few laps and the baton being swapped (in our case it was a Suunto watch), the field got spread out, and you could make out the teams going for the win and those there to just have a good time. Some teams were even running in fancy dress, major kudos to them! As the laps tumbled down and the sun beat its heat, it became evident that one of the Suunto/CDDS teams was in good contention for a podium place, putting in some hard yards. The Suunto1 team finished in 2hours 22minutes with a whopping average pace of 3 minute and 35 second kilometers for the 38km event, they eventually got on the podium to take second place!

Beyond the competition of placings and time, the atmosphere was an electric one, with all runners having huge smiles on their faces and taking part in working towards a goal together. Some people don’t run normally and some probably run a little too much, but that was no obstacle in this team event that brought us all closer together as we were all in search of an adventure.

All in all the day was a great success and went on to prove that if we all work together on a common objective we can all reap the benefits, and that is having great team spirit of people who are willing to help each other get around one more lap.

Congratulations to all runners and teams!

Marc Whittaker, Marketing assistant

Suunto 1 team got to the podium

Suunto 1 team got to the podium

Tiina Pylvänäinen