Growing as a software developer in Amer Sports Digital

My name is Tugberk Akdogan and I have been working as a Software Developer for Amer Sports Digital for over 2 years. I have had a wide variety of tasks here, but my main role has been designing and implementing software that provides connectivity for Suunto products and mobile apps. Amer Sports Digital has been a great workplace for me, and the biggest reason is the opportunities that I have got here to grow as a software developer. I have had the chance to shape my expertise and my career according to my interests, and have become a much more capable software developer by doing so.

Opportunities for working in different fields

In Amer Sports Digital, we develop consumer products like Suunto watches. It means that we are responsible for the whole experience of the users and we have to make every piece of it perfect. It means that both hardware and software of the watches must work perfectly, and our desktop and mobile apps must provide a seamless experience. To provide that, our software developers need to be very versatile and be able to tackle problems in different areas. As a middleware developer, it has been necessary for me to know how connectivity works with desktop environments, mobile applications and our watches. This has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on Bluetooth protocols, mobile app development, cross-platform software development among many other things.

Possibilities for pursuing career interests

We are always encouraged to expand our knowledge in different areas. We are always coached for success and supported for learning. For example, I have always had a passion for mobile app development, but I hadn’t had much experience on the subject before I have joined Amer Sports Digital. Here, I have got the chance to grow according to my interests. For example, I was able to learn React Native and I have developed a React-Native library for Movesense developers as an open source project. Moreover, I have always wanted to learn Android development, and I have got the chance to do it here. Last 1.5 years, Android has been the main platform I have been working on.

Working with top experts

We have an amazing team of software developers in Amer Sports Digital. I have learned invaluable things in many different areas from my colleagues, who are true experts in their areas. I have worked in different cross-functional teams over time, which have consisted of very capable mobile and embedded developers. Moreover, our teams have many people from different countries which creates an international environment. My perspective has broadened as a result of this diversity, which helped me to look at things from different angles.

To sum up, Amer Sports Digital has just the right tools and the environment for software developers who have a passion for growth and want to learn continuously. When you join us, you will get the chance to develop software in many different areas, you will always be encouraged and supported for growth and you will get to work with an amazing team of developers!