Amer Sports Digital - combining work and sports

My name is Karoliina Tiuraniemi and I work for Suunto as Consumer Needs and Propositions Manager. To start with I have to confess that I never thought of myself as a marathon runner. Yet, here I am, on my way to Prague marathon with a group of Amer Sports Digital colleagues. The topic of our endless lunch discussions and the goal of our weekly runs approaches. And I am ready to run in my black Team Suunto shirt, and meet up with a bunch of our external testers from all around Europe.

I’ve always done some sports, as I grew up in an orienteering family. But my motivation kept coming and going, and I never really seemed to be able to keep up the enthusiasm for long. In 2016 I started coordinating the external testing for Suunto and gathered a group of active athletes from all around the world. I followed their training on a daily basis and they followed me back, cheering and liking my runs all the way from France, Spain, US, etc. My motivation grew and all of a sudden it was very easy to build a routine. Around that same time I tried trail running and was immediately hooked.

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A career that supports my hobby and likewise

I started arranging the Suunto Summit, inviting athletes from all over the world to join us for trail races such as the Bodom Trail and Helsinki City Trail. It has been such an inspiration meeting these enthusiastic Suunto fans, listening to their stories and running with them in the Finnish forests. I have also been able to join some later on their favorite routes on the Nice seaside, mountains of Utah and trails of San Francisco. Nowadays I am in charge of our target consumer definitions and leading the creation of new concepts. It really helps me in my work to be able to understand the athletes also from my own experience.

In my everyday life I follow a regular training program, built for me by Suunto’s own personal trainer. I try to attend our Thursday morning test runs whenever I can. Come rain or shine, we are armed with multiple watches and run around a small nature path just next to the office for an hour. At our office you can also go to the gym during working hours, attend guided training sessions and even book a sports massage for your tired legs.

It’s quite easy to set up other runs together with colleagues as well after work. The great thing about this workplace is that no matter how crazy the plans are, you can always someone who’s just as excited as you are.

“So you want to run 32 kilometers? Yeah, that sounds like fun! So, when do you want to go and what pace would you like us to take?”