From Android Development to Marathon runs - Dmitrii’s story

Hello, I’m Dmitrii Aleksandrov, one of Suunto’s Senior Android Developers. And yes, I can call myself a marathon runner nowadays as well!

I joined the company 1.5 years ago for three reasons: 1) I wanted to work as part of an experienced Android team, 2) I’m all about sports-oriented products, and 3) I wanted to play around with the freshest frameworks and tools. I’m here to shed some light on my experience at Suunto. Here we go!

Competitive sports domain and interaction with the community

As we all know, the fitness device and application market is highly competitive. This brings quite a few intriguing professional challenges to me, which enable me to use my creativity all the time. In our everyday work, the high competition drives our team to ensure that the quality and velocity of our products are good and fast, respectively. Our ultimate goal is to provide users with fast, seamless, and fluid sports experiences both with the wearables and afterwards, when connecting the data to different platforms – in our case, the Android mobile application.

To keep the users happy, we are grateful for having a super fast feedback loop with the user community. There is constant and instant feedback. I can tell, some of the people in our user groups are very passionately contributing to our work, and it’s definitely one of the greatest feelings in this job when we are able to deliver a feature that the community has highly requested. It’s nice to read the reviews afterwards!

All in all, early adoption of best practices is very encouraged in my team. All this combined creates a positive environment which allows one to grow as a specialist, and keeps you up to date with the latest community hot stuff.

How, on earth, did you become a Marathon Runner, Dmitrii?

To be honest, most of my colleagues here have some sort of a sport as a hobby – even those who joined the company feeling like couch potatoes. It’s not just a cool tagline to say we combine our daily work and sports hobbies. The most likely thing to happen when you join Suunto is that you become more of a sporty person yourself.

I joined my colleagues’ running groups and test field runs, and at the end of last year, my colleague asked me to participate in the Prague Marathon 2019. I decided to give it a try despite the fear I could never actually finish it, and long story short – me and my way more experienced group of colleagues finished it! It was a total blast.

So yes, the past 1.5 years have taught me a lot, not only from Android development but also from sports as a lifestyle!